Grosvenor Place, Margate, Kent Garage conversion to 2 Bedroom Dwelling (Conservation Area)

Value: £150,000.00

Programme: February 2016-November 2016

Conversion of Existing Garage to New 2 Bedroom Residential Dwelling within a sensitive conservation Area.

Works included removing the existing Roof Structure and supporting front façade (structurally unsafe). Rebuilding the front façade to new Elevation Design. New Roof Structure Installed and Clad with Clay Tiles and Dormers Constructed to Conservation Offices requirements.

The Project was Managed by the Private Client in order to save on costs but Liam was close at hand to help guide and assist in any way possible.

Justyn and Kieran managed all Construction Aspects of the Project and remained hands on throughout the scheme, including the installation of the Roof (Cut and Pitch Design)